About Us

As a mother first, I know the challenges of trying to negotiate with your kids just to put something nice on because you are leaving the house and all they want to wear is their favorite shirt of the week you haven’t gotten them out of  in the past four days and their slippers. We all know there are some battles we just can’t win, but eventually I learned a trick, the fashion world of “comfy-cute.” This is what my children’s boutique provides. Addy James Boutique is family run with my experience as a wife and mother of four beautiful children (Samantha - 25, Cody - 22, Parker - 20, and Addison - 11). In addition to leading my family, I have worked as a Media Salesperson for the past 20 years. I have consulted countless businesses in all industries helping each market and grow their business. It was a great career, and helped provide for my kids, but as I was working to help other businesses grow I found myself always wanting my own business. We all know life happens so quickly and the timing
never seemed right, until now! The clothes you will find at Addy James will always be comfortable, functional and fashionable. You will be able to put your kids in a top and shorts on the playground, and then be able to pair that same top with a pair of jeans, leggings or a skirt that is presentable for a nice evening. Your days of bartering with your little ones will soon be over when you shop with Addy James Boutique.